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Class Policies
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PACE     -   FIELD TRIP PREP CLASS Class Information


Contact Information: 

Teacher:  Ms. Henry

E-mail:  physicsteacher2000@yahoo.com

Web Site:  http://funphyz.tripod.com

(This is my class site for the school year, but I will use it for Field Trip information for PACE Summer School). 

Cell Phone Number:  916-284-1901


Welcome to the Field Trip Prep portion of PACE Summer School!


  This class will serve to prepare you for your upcoming visits to the American River, Yosemite National Park, and San Francisco.   You will learn more about these sights that will hopefully make your visits more worthwhile.   We will focus on activities/lessons that incorporate a little history, geography, math, and science.  Some work will be assigned on an individual basis; some work will be done collaboratively.   Every day will focus on a particular lesson or activity that is relevant to your field trips.   In addition to daily lessons, you will have homework assignments and post-field trip reflection activities.   Any information/forms/itineraries for field trips will be distributed during this class. 


Grades:    Your grades will be broken down as follows:

        Participation 33.3 %

        Class Activities 33.4 %

        Homework 33.3 %


You will get a participation grade and total grade update weekly. 



Supplies:    The only supplies you need to provide is a notebook (preferably with smooth edges - for writing prompts), a folder (to store your work), a pen, and a pencil.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 

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